Building Manager - 0451 510 217


Building Manager


The building manager has responsibility for the day to day running of Mondrian Waterloo. The duties of the building manager include organising the maintenance of the buildings and grounds as well as supervising the conduct of residents and visitors.

The building manager’s office is located in the car park near the Building 4 lift lobby. The building manager is generally onsite Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) from 7.30am.

You should contact the building manager if you:

  • Notice any damage and wish to report it
  • Are proposing to move in or move out
  • Have household or furniture items for disposal
  • Have concerns about the conduct of other residents or their pets
  • Have problems with your security access fob
  • Wish to access visitor parking or use a bicycle cage
  • Need information about carrying out work in your apartment

Contact Details for Building Manager

Site manager:
Robert Malyon
0451 510 217

Out of Hours Contact Details for Building Manager

Mobile: 0451 510 217

The building manager should only be contacted outside working hours in the event of emergencies or urgent matters that cannot be held over until the next working day.  Some examples may include: malfunction of any lifts or roller doors, major plumbing or electrical failures, an accident or safety incident involving the common property.

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