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Strata Committee


Mondrian Waterloo has a Strata Committee that is elected to represent the Owners Corporation at the Annual General Meeting in the first few months of each new financial year.

Information on the functions of an Strata Committee can be found on the Office of Fair Trading website:

The Strata Committee meets formally approximately every 8-12 weeks. These meetings are “management” meetings for decision making.  Owners are welcome to attend, and in accordance with the Strata Act, may only speak with the consent of the meeting.

Between these formal meetings the Strata Committee make decisions necessary for the day to day running of Mondrian Waterloo and supervise the appointed Strata Manager and Building Manager.

A lot of the work done by the Strata Committee happens outside formal meetings.  A number of subcommittees work to address specific areas of managing and improving the complex.  This work can be time consuming and the Strata Committee welcomes the input of other owners and residents who are keen to assist them.

A list of current Strata Committee members and subcommittees can be found on the noticeboard near the visitor car park.

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