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Non-Carpet Flooring

Hard flooring

All of the apartments in Mondrian Waterloo were originally designed and built with carpet as the standard floor covering in the living areas. The best way of ensuring that the original sound transmission properties between apartments is preserved is to maintain carpet in these areas.

However some owners may wish to make changes to the flooring in their apartments. Any change to a non-carpet flooring, such as timber, parquetry or tiles, requires a written application to the Owners Corporation (via the Strata Manager) for permission. Owners must appreciate that the installation of any hard flooring may change the acoustic levels emitted from normal foot traffic within an apartment and may result in an increase in noise being heard in adjoining apartments.

Written permission and payment of a security bond is required before any installation can commence.

By-Law 6 provides a detailed outline of the acoustic standards that are required should owners be considering a change to their flooring. Owners should also familiarise themselves with the rules relating to hard flooring installation. In particular, owners should note the noise transmission standard of an Lntw of 55 that must be achieved. To assist in achieving this, owners are encouraged to look at using high grade premium underlay products. Please speak to the Building Manager who can guide you through the process.

An application form is available to assist owners in submitting a written application.

Please note that any consent given to proceed with the installation does not in any way imply that the Owners Corporation has given its approval to the final installation. Approval of the final installation is dependent upon meeting an Lntw of 55, which may require acoustic testing at the owner’s expense. Any non-compliant installations will be required to be removed.

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