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In recent years, research has suggested that pets can help strata communities to flourish.  Dogs in particular help their owners to get to know others within the apartment building and local neighbourhood, and can be valuable in creating a strong sense of community.

Mondrian Waterloo is a pet friendly building.  However formal approval must be obtained from the Owners Corporation before a small pet is allowed.

By-Law 15 covers the requirements of keeping one pet in detail.  Some of the “common sense” rules around keeping a pet in the building include:

  • Keep the animal leashed and under control at all times when on Common Property (with the exception of the Powell Street lawn and Breezeway, where a dog may be off the leash).
  • Ensure that all excrement and other soiling, whether on the Lot or the Common Property is immediately removed and disposed of appropriately.
  • Ensure that the animal does not disturb other owners or occupiers of a Lot.
  • Ensure that the animal does not wander on to another lot or on the common property.
  • Ensure that dogs and cats are registered with City of Sydney Council.

Applications should be made by completing the Pet Application form and submitting this to the Owners Corporation (via the Strata Manager) for consideration and approval. Tenants should obtain Owner permission prior to submitting an application.

Dogtidy bag dispensers

In the interest of health and safety, you must watch your dog/cat at all times and make sure you pick up their droppings.  Bag dispensers are located on both the Powell Street lawn and Short Street reserve.

Further information

The City of Sydney Council has a policy document outlining responsible pet ownership.

The Petcare Information and Advisory Service also provides a useful resource for residents considering pet ownership.

Report any offences

Please contact the Building Manager to report any problems.

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