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Pool & Lawn



Mondrian Waterloo is fortunate to have a stunning pool at the centre of the complex. This pool is for the exclusive use of residents and their guests.  All users are required to be aware of and adhere to the rules for pool usage. If you have concerns about trespassers using the pool, you should contact the Redfern Police (Tel 8303 5199) immediately.

The hours of use for the pool are strictly from 6am to 10pm (summer time hours).  Residents must enter and exit via the glass access door and not over the pool edge.

All pool users must shower before entering the pool.  There is a shower is located in the pool area for this purpose.  Residents are also asked to dry off completely before leaving the pool area and entering the elevators, corridors and other common areas

In the interests of safety, diving and running on the decking are prohibited.  Any children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the pool area.  All guests must be accompanied by residents.

In the interests of hygiene and safety the following are not permitted in the pool area:

  • Pets
  • Food & drink
  • Any sharp or glass objects
  • Smoking
  • Sun lounges or deck chairs
  • Large inflatable toys


The original landscape design at Mondrian Waterloo was completed by McGregor and Partners Landscape Architects (now McGregor Coxall).  The design philosophy encompassed the creation of a contemporary urban residential landscape that responded to the Green Square masterplan objective of a sustainable environment.  Since the completion of the complex in 2002, the gardens have continued to evolve and remain a feature of Mondrian Waterloo.

Common courtyards between the buildings invite residents into the outside environment and create a lush green landscape.  Residents are reminded to be mindful of noise and litter when enjoying these landscaped courtyards.


Mondrian Waterloo is fortunate to have areas of lawn covering both the Powell Street frontage as well as the Short Street end of the complex.  While the Powell Street lawn is part of the common property, the Short Street reserve is maintained by the City of Sydney Council.

The Powell Street lawn is a popular communal space that is enjoyed by residents, pets and visitors.  Stormwater is collected from within the complex and utilized to keep the lawn green year round.  Residents are reminded to be mindful of noise and litter so that the space remains an enjoyable area for everyone.  Pet owners should be vigilant for any excrement and ensure that this is removed promptly in a responsible way.

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