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Below are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any specific questions that you wish to raise, please contact the building manager




I’m about to move into Mondrian and I’ve heard that Mondrian is pet-friendly. Do I need to let anyone know that I have a pet?

Welcome to Mondrian Waterloo!

Mondrian is a pet-friendly apartment complex and in accordance with the by-laws, allows a resident to keep one pet. Permission must be obtained before your pet can move in. Tenants must also have written permission from their landlord before submitting an application.

Why can’t I hang washing on my balcony or courtyard, although it’s within my lot?

Mondrian Waterloo strives to maintain its status as a premier apartment building. For this reason we require that residents do not hang washing in their courtyard or balcony, as it is then visible from outside the lot and detracts from the aesthetic of the buildings.

The visitor’s car parking is usually vacant so can I park there considering I am a resident/owner who doesn't have an allocated car space?

Unfortunately visitor parking is for bona fide visitors only and this excludes residents. Genuine visitors are entitled to maximum stay of 24 hours in any 7 day period is permitted.

Also, please do not park in the disabled parking even if there is free space – someone less fortunate than you may need it.

As a tenant do I have to abide by the by-laws and rules?

Yes.  The by-laws and rules apply to all residents of Mondrian Waterloo, whether they are owners or tenants.

How do I get access to my apartment if the lift fails?

Access is available via the fire stairs to all apartments. To maintain security, fire stair doors are locked from the outside, so you need to have a special fire stairs access key. All owners have been issued keys in the past, but if you have lost yours, or require an additional key, please contact the building manager to order a replacement. A small fee applies for each key ordered.

How do I obtain a new security FOB or garage remote control?

Security fobs are available on request from the Building Manager.

Complete the relevant application forms. Unfortunately access fobs cannot be requested directly by tenants. If you are a tenant and require an extra or replacement fob then your landlord or agent must make the application on your behalf. A fee applies for each fob or garage remote control ordered.

How do I obtain a bicycle cage?

Bicycle cages are in strong demand. Please lodge your application with the Building Manager, who will advise on availability and the length of any waiting lists. If your application is successful, you will be asked to pay a security deposit.


Maintenance, Faults and Damage


There is a leak in my ceiling or wall, whom do I contact?

In the first instance, contact the Building Manager who will determine who is responsible for fixing the problem. Depending on the issue and where it is, the responsibility may rest with either the owner or the Mondrian.

Who is going to pay for any repairs in my apartment?

This depends on who ‘owns’ the problem. For the most part, owners are responsible for any repairs in their own apartments. Where common property failure is to blame, the Owners Corporation will be responsible for repair. Please refer to the “Who’s Responsible” guide published by the Strata Community Australia (NSW) for more information, which can be downloaded here.

My balcony light has broken. Can I replace the fitting?

The balcony light fitting is considered an important part of the aesthetic of Mondrian and is therefore common property. Replacing the globes in these fittings is the resident’s responsibility. However, if there are any other problems with the fitting then the Building Manager should be contacted to arrange repair.

Do you know a good contractor (ie: electrician, plumber) I can use?

Mondrian Waterloo has relationships with many suppliers and you can click this link to view a list of known suppliers. Please consider your own requirements and make your own enquiries before selecting any supplier.

No contractor is authorized to bill the Mondrian for work ordered by a resident or owner. If you think the work is a Mondrian responsibility, please talk to the Building Manager.


Making Changes


I want to remodel my kitchen, bathroom etc. Do I need to get any approval?

Yes. All these sorts of changes are termed “Building Works” and require formal approval of the Strata Committee before any work can start. A written application with details of the proposed work needs to be submitted. Complex, or major works may have to go to a General Meeting of owners for approval; so your application needs to be submitted well in advance. Speak with the Building Manager prior to obtaining quotes from any suppliers.

I have old furniture that needs to be thrown out. Can I put it in the garbage room?

Please do not place any items of furniture in the garbage room. If you do need to dispose of larger item, contact the Building Manager who will assist to arrange a council collection and advise accordingly.

I would like to install a storage box in my car space. Do I need Owners Corporation permission to do the install even though the storage box is totally contained within my own car lot?

Yes you do. Storage boxes in car lots are welcomed at Mondrian, providing they comply with certain standards and specifications. There may be some locations where they cannot be installed in a compliant manner. Please refer to the application form and By-Law 28 for details and conditions.

Can I install an air-conditioning unit in my apartment with a condenser unit on my balcony?

Air-Conditioning units can be installed at Mondrian Waterloo, and require written permission from the Owners Corporation. There is also a requirement for all condenser units to be screened, to maintain the appearance of the building. Please refer to the application form and By-Law 26 for details and conditions.

Do I need to get permission to get a timber floor installed?

Yes, you do. Please be aware that the Owners Corporation has set a high acoustic standard for any hard flooring installation to ensure that apartments retain a high level of sound protection for neighbours. Using a high quality underlay is necessary to achieve this standard. Speak with the Building Manager and refer to the application form and By-Law 6 for details and conditions.

I don’t feel secure in my apartment and want to put an extra lock and peep hole on the door. Is this OK?

No. Your front door is fire rated and is an intrinsic part of the buildings’ fire protection system. Installation of the wrong type of lock can endanger the lives of residents and render the building noncompliant with fire safety requirements. Speak with the Building Manager who can then provide guidance for you. Permission from the owners corporation may be required.

I want to install plantation shutters or blinds in my apartment. Do I have to get permission?

Firstly, all window coverings must be white or off-white in colour and uniform when viewed from outside the building. If you are installing standard curtains or blinds and they meet this requirement, you do not require permission, however plantation shutters require an application for permission.

If you are considering installing fly screens or any form of grille, very specific by-laws apply and you will need to submit an application.


Meetings and other strata matters


I have some suggestions for improving the look of the Mondrian and I have some issues I want addressed by the Owners Corporation. Who do I talk to and how can I have a general meeting called?

The Mondrian Strata Committee welcomes contributions from owners. In the first instance, send your request to the Strata Manager who will advise the Strata Committee. They will decide whether it is in the overall interest of Mondrian and whether there are sufficient funds in the budget to action it.

Individual owners have the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (one that is out of the regular annual cycle) with the written support of 25% or more of owners.

Can I attend a meeting of the Strata Committee and address the meeting?

Strata Committee meetings are management meetings with a formal agenda. Owners are welcome to attend these meetings and in accordance with the Act to participate as observers. Owners wishing to address the meeting on an item on the agenda should contact the Strata Manager prior to the meeting. The Strata Committee are obliged under the Strata Act to vote to decide if the owner(s) can address the meeting.

I cannot attend a General Meeting but want to send someone to vote on my behalf. How do I do this?

Owners are able to authorise another person to attend and vote on their behalf. This is done by signing a proxy form.

Proxy forms are distributed for all General Meetings but can only be valid if they are received by the Strata Manager (NOT the Building Manager) at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting.

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