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Moving In / Out


Moving can be a stressful process.  The following checklist has been compiled to assist residents when moving in and out of the complex.  Some of the more important points to remember are:

  • Contact the Building Manager ahead of the move to ensure that the elevator curtains are installed to prevent damage.
  • Arrange a council pickup through the Building Manager for any large items that are being discarded.
  • If you are planning to move in with a small pet, obtain approval from the Owners Corporation before moving in. Tenants must obtain the owner’s permission prior to applying to keep a pet.

4 weeks to go:

  • Apply for approval to keep one small pet (if required).
  • Obtain removalist quotes.
  • Sort out furnishings and belongings.
  • Enquire about any changes that will be required to your insurance policies.

3 weeks to go:

  • Start packing things that are unlikely to be used before moving.
  • Back up your computer and store the backup safely.

2 weeks to go:

  • Contact the Building Manager to advise your moving date and arrange for the elevator curtains to be installed.
  • Redirect your mail.
  • Finalise your home and contents insurance.
  • Book cleaners for a final clean.
  • Confirm removalist booking.

1 week to go:

  • Arrange a council pickup through the Building Manager for any large items that are being discarded.
  • Organise your gas and electricity to be disconnected at the old address and connected at your new address.
  • Start informing people of your new address.
  • Clean the oven.

The day before:

  • Collect all the keys for the household to give to the incoming resident.
  • Pack an overnight bag.

Moving Day:

  • Organise the move.  Get friends and family to help.
  • Do a final clean of the apartment.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Take a final walkthrough to ensure you haven’t left anything behind.
  • Clean up any debris in corridors and lifts.

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