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Fire Safety


The three main causes of fire in apartment blocks usually relate to kitchen accidents (overheating cooking oils, fats, etc.), unattended candles and unextinguished cigarettes.

Residents should note that smoking in elevators and other common areas (including the swimming pool) is strictly prohibited.  Care should also be taken to ensure that lit cigarettes do not fall from balconies onto the apartments below.

There are also by-laws that prohibit the storage of flammable materials in apartments or in the car park.

A fire safety check is conducted each year.  Residents must grant access to the contractor to carry out this important procedure. Residents may be fined for not allowing access refer to by-law 30 for details. 

General procedure in case of fire

If there is a fire or you smell or see smoke – no matter how minor it may seem – proceed as follows:

  • Call the Fire Brigade on 000 immediately.
  • Give the street address (Mondrian apartments, 2-4 Powell Street Waterloo) as well as the building, floor and apartment number (if known).
  • If possible, identify what is involved in the fire – for example, foodstuffs, furnishings, flammable liquid, electrical equipment.

Fire extinguishers and sprinklers

Water hose reels and extinguishers are located on all residential floors and in the car park.

Fire hoses may be used on fires that do not involve flammable liquids or electrical equipment.

It is recommended that a carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguisher be purchased for use on fires within apartments.  Fire in an oven can be extinguished by turning the oven off and leaving the oven door closed

Evacuation of a unit

Where fire is widespread and/or smoke is severe necessitating evacuation:

  • Ensure all occupants evacuate the unit immediately.
  • Use the fire stairs identified by the green ‘exit’ signs.
  • If possible, close the doors and windows as you evacuate to eliminate draughts and to confine the fire and smoke to the original area. Do not lock the front door.
  • If possible alert occupants in other units on the same and adjoining floors.
  • Do not attempt to move your car from the car park as this could cause vehicle congestion and hamper fire fighting efforts.

Inability to leave a unit

Should fire or smoke from outside the unit prevent use of the hallway leading to the fire stairs:

  • Before attempting to open the front door place the palm of your hand on the door.
  • If after five seconds the door feels warm to the touch this indicates a serious fire condition in the hallway – do not open the door.
  • Seal the bottom of the door and other places where smoke is entering with wet towels, blankets or similar materials.
  • Open the window.
  • See ‘General procedure in case of fire’ above

Smoke detectors

A self-contained, 240-volt mains powered smoke detector with back up battery is installed in every unit and will sound with an alarm when smoke is present. If your detector lets out an intermittent beep, please replace the 9 volt battery in the detector which should stop the noise. It is recommended, the 9-volt battery be replaced every 12 months. Do not cover or block the smoke detector in anyway. Please do not try to remove the detector as they are connected to the mains power and removing them will activate an alarm. Residents must ensure that smoke detectors are in working order at all times.

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