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Keys, Access & Security


Living in a densely populated area, there is the potential to suffer from theft and antisocial behavior.  It is up to all of us as a community to be ever vigilant in keeping our personal property, friends and loved ones safe.

A continuous CCTV surveillance system has been installed throughout Mondrian Waterloo to help manage the security of the building entries, external walkways and other vulnerable areas.  Security fobs are provided to owners to restrict access to the buildings as an additional security measure.

The cooperation of all residents is critical to safeguarding their own safety and that of others:

  • Assist by always ensuring that building and courtyard entry and fire stair doors are properly closed and locking mechanisms are fully engaged when entering and leaving.
  • Do not allow non-residents to follow you into the building or courtyard and never allow access via your intercom to anyone other than your own visitors.
  • Be alert when walking through outdoor walkways at dusk, at night and in other darker areas.
  • Report any breaches of security or suspicious behaviour to the police and the Building Manager.

The Owners Corporation recommends that you install lockable bolts on sliding doors and windows. However, fire regulations prohibit any changes being made to the locks on the main exit door of an apartment. Locks on these doors must be capable of being opened from the inside without a key in an emergency.

Security Screens

Security Screens can be a wise and practical security addition to any property. If you are interested in installing security screens to your apartment, please note that they must be approved by the Owners Corporation before installation.

An application form is available to guide owners in making a written application.  Please also refer to the by-laws for more specific details on the security screens which are permitted.


The Owners’ Corporation insures the common property of Mondrian Waterloo.  It does not carry insurance for the personal property of owners or residents.  Owners and residents are advised to take out suitable insurance to cover themselves in the event of theft from their apartments or car spaces.  Insurance should also be maintained by individual residents for damage to the interior of apartments and their contents in the event of a fire or flood.

Proximity System

Mondrian Waterloo has a proximity access system installed to make the buildings secure. Your security fob will give you access to both the lobby and floor of your building, as well as the lobby of Building 4 to access the Visitor Parking area.  The security fob also provides access to the swimming pool and the basement car park, where the garbage room is located.

For cars, the only entry and exit point is on Powell Street adjacent to the Taylor’s College building.  A proximity access reader is located on the right-hand side as you entre and leave the car park.  Buildings 2, 3 and 4 are directly accessible by elevators from the car park, while Building 1 is accessible via the fire stairs.

To maintain the security of the buildings, you will be required to confirm your possession of all security fobs via an annual audit.

Security fobs

New or replacement security fobs can only be issued to owners or their agents, and not directly to tenants.  A completed application form for a new or replacement security fob must be emailed or faxed to the Strata Manager.

The current cost of replacement or additional fobs is included on the application form and is payable before the new fob is issued.  Upon approval, the Building Manager will provide the security fob and will require identification at the time of collection.

Ensure you get back security fobs from tradesmen and other service providers, e.g. cleaners.

The security fobs are audited on an annual basis.  Any swipe cards or security fobs that are not identified at the annual audit will be deactivated upon completion of the audit.

Fire stairs

Residents may use the fire stairs to access the car park and garbage room as well as in an emergency.  Fire stair access to the ground floor from within the buildings is unrestricted for fire safety reasons.

From outside the buildings, access to the fire stairs can only be gained by keyed entry.  Access from the fire stairs to any particular level is also key controlled with keys only available to owners living on that level.  For security purposes, fire stairs keys will only be issued to owners (or their leasing agents) only and not to tenants.

A completed application form for a new fire stairs key must be emailed or faxed to the Strata Manager.

The current cost of a fire stairs key is included on the application form and is payable before the key is issued.  Upon approval, the Building Manager will provide the key and will require identification at the time of collection.

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