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Sustainable Living

sustainable living

NABERS Energy and Water Ratings

Mondrian is an important example of how the operation of apartment buildings can be sustainable. The NABERS for Apartments program measures the way energy and water are used efficiently and in an environmentally sustainable way.

In its first rating year Mondrian obtained a NABERS Energy Rating of 3.5 stars – above average – and a NABERS Water Usage Rating of 3 stars

Mondrian is on track for further improvement.

Energy Efficiency – 3.5 Stars

This above-average score reflects the energy saving measures taken in recent years

  • All foyer and corridor lights converted to LED or compact fluoro
  • Garden lights changed to LED
  • LED and sensor-controlled lighting installed in the car park and fire stairs
  • CO monitoring controls for car park ventilation fans, ensuring compliant ventilation with optimum use of energy.

Going forward with rooftop solar

Since these ratings were calculated, Mondrian installed rooftop solar panels to provide solar pv energy for common property use. Mondrian’s common areas are now self sufficient in energy for much of the 8am to 2pm period in winter and summer.

Mondrian recognises the scope for the installation of additional solar pv capacity in the future. As battery technology develops the case for investing in further solar capacity and batteries will strengthen and Mondrian may seek to reduce its reliance on grid power for common property use after dark.

Pool heating

While the outdoor swimming pool was previously unheated, Mondrian’s investment in heat pump technology now means the pool can be heated to a comfortable temperature and the swimming season extended in an energy efficient and cost effective way. The intention is to avoid any materially adverse effect on Mondrian’s NABERS rating.

Water Efficiency – 3 Stars

Mondrian achieved a Water Rating of 3 Stars on a 6 Star scale. This rating relates to water consumption in both individual apartments and on common property.

Mondrian has a small rainwater catchment capacity which is utilised for watering the front lawns and its effectiveness contributes to Mondrian’s NABERS Water rating.

Future improvements in Mondrian’s NABERS Water rating are achievable if residents use water sustainably and ensure their plumbing fittings in their apartments function correctly and do not leak.

The Building Manager monitors the energy and water usage for unexpected spikes in consumption. This allows for any sources of energy and water wastage to be promptly identified and rectified.

The NABERS ratings are valid to December 2019.

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