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Car Park



Most of the apartments in Mondrian Waterloo have an amount of internal storage built in.  Some owners may also want to install additional storage within their car space. By-Laws guide the type of storage solution that may be installed. Owners contemplating the installation of a storage unit are advised to have an initial discussion with the Building Manager with regards to the suitability of the proposed storage unit and location.

No items – cars, bicycles, storage units – may protrude outside of the lot or onto common property.

A written application needs to be submitted to the Owners Corporation (via the Strata Manager) for approval before installing any car park storage.


In order to comply with NSW fire regulations, you must not store any loose items other than your vehicles (car, motorbike, scooter, bicycle) in your car space.

Car Wash

A car wash bay is located adjacent to the inner roller shutter in the car park.  Residents are reminded that car washing is only permitted in the car wash bay and not in other areas of the car park.  Washing of cars must be in accordance with all current water restrictions.  During periods when severe water restrictions are in place hoses should not be used.

Residents are encouraged to check any current water restrictions that may be in place on the Sydney Water website.

All cars must be removed from the car wash bay immediately after washing.

The car wash bay cannot be used as a parking space or for repairs.

Visitor Parking

Mondrian Waterloo provides seven parking spaces for visitors and two disabled parking spaces.  Residents are reminded that visitor parking is available only to bona fide visitors for a maximum stay of 24 hours within any 7 day period.

Anyone needing to use visitor parking for a period in excess of 24 hours must contact the Building Manager first for permission.

The disabled parking spaces should be respected. These are provided for the exclusive use of disabled visitors and an appropriate permit must be prominently displayed.

Owners and residents must not park in the visitor parking at any time.  There are closed circuit TV cameras that have been installed to monitor visitor parking.  Security fob access to the carpark will be withdrawn for any resident who continues to park and contravene the by-law after three warnings.

Bicycles and Storage

Mondrian Waterloo lies within a network of cycleways that connect the City of Sydney municipality, with riding a bicycle increasingly being adopted by Sydneysiders as a means of transport.

Some bicycle storage is provided within the complex to assist residents in securely storing their bicycles.  Bicycle racks are situated within the breezeway of Building 3 and are generally used by visitors to the complex.  A number of bicycle cages are also located in the car park and are distributed amongst interested residents on an annual basis.  Please contact the Building Manager if you are interested in applying for access to a bicycle cage.  The by-laws also allow for residents to store bicycles within their car space.

A whole range of information on cycling safely around Sydney can be found on the Sydney Cycleways website.

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