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Tenants make up a large part of the Mondrian community. Below are some useful tips to help you settle into living at Mondrian Waterloo.

Mondrian By-Laws

All residents, whether they are owners or tenants, are subject to the by-laws & rules. These set out how all residents should conduct themselves and situations where permission is required from the Owners Corporation.

Tenant should be aware that the Mondrian has restrictions on occupancy. No more than 2 adults may occupy a bedroom at any time. Study’s and living area annexes are not considered bedrooms.  Mondrian does not permit casual letting, including AirBnB, Stayz or any hostel type of accommodation. Refer to by-law 31

Your landlord or letting agent should have provided you with a copy of Mondrian Waterloo’s By-Laws.  If you do not have a copy, then you can download one here.

Some of the more relevant by-laws relate to pets, laundry, garbage disposal and use of the swimming pool

Moving in / out

The Living section contains some great tips on how to keep the moving process as seamless as possible.


Mondrian Waterloo is a pet friendly building, however there is NO automatic right to keep a pet.

If you are intending to move into Mondrian Waterloo with a pet:

  • You should carefully read the by-laws relating to the keeping of a pet.
  • You should discuss moving in with a pet with your landlord or agent.
  • In addition you must complete an Application Form for Pet Approval and submit it, together with all the required information, to the Strata Manager.
  • The application needs to be received well in advance of your intended move, as approval needs to be obtained before your pet can move in.

Caution: You may wish not to sign a residential lease until approval of your pet has been confirmed.

Your Contact details

It is helpful for Mondrian Waterloo’s Building and Strata Managers to have both an up to date email address and telephone number for you. If these are provided, then they can keep you advised of anything happening in Mondrian Waterloo that may affect you – from proposed water & power outages to building or fire safety work that may affect your apartment.

Please email the Building Manager and Strata Manager with the following:

  • Your Lot or Apt No.
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone no.
  • Your vehicle Reg No. (if applicable)

Getting involved at Mondrian

Although tenants, unlike owners, cannot attend and vote at meetings in their own right, Mondrian Waterloo acknowledges that all residents contribute to the quality of life we enjoy and welcomes contributions from tenants with particular skills or enthusiasm.

If you are keen to contribute in a particular way, please contact the Strata Manager for further information on how to do this.

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