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The garbage room is located in the north-east corner of the car park, past the visitor parking entrance door.

Residents are requested to deposit all general household rubbish in the bins with RED lids.  All recyclable materials should be placed in the bins with YELLOW lids.  Please wash any smelly recyclable items before placing them in the bins.

All garbage should be placed in the bins provided and should not be placed on the floor.

Please DO NOT dump any large items in the garbage room.

Recycling and general rubbish bins are emptied and cleaned on a regular basis.

General household rubbish should not be placed in the bins located on either the Powell Street lawn or Short Street reserve.

By-Law 8 covers the requirements around garbage disposal in detail.


Contact the Building Manager to arrange for the removal of any large items. If large items are left in garbage rooms, security footage will be viewed and the persons responsible will be billed for clean-up and removal of the items.

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