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Loud noise can be one of the more irritating and frustrating aspects of inner-city apartment living.  Residents are asked to be mindful at all times of the level of noise that they are creating, especially at night.  Doors or gates slamming, loud sound systems and televisions, people chatting on balconies and musical instruments can all create noise that affects our neighbours.

A good initial approach to resolving a noise dispute is to try to talk to your neighbour first.

Unreasonable noise in the neighbourhood such as continuous household or car alarms, loud motorbikes, uncontrolled parties, or excessively loud music can be reported to the Redfern Police (Tel 8303 5199).

If there is a frequent noise problem from a neighbour, please notify the Building Manager  in writing and ask anyone else also affected to confirm your statement.  The Building Manager will then attempt to resolve the noise issue by speaking with the resident.  If these steps are unsuccessful, then a formal warning can be issued in the form of a Notice to Comply which, if ignored, may lead to penalties, such as heavy fines, for breaking the by-law.

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority also provides a resource on how to approach problematic noise. 

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